The Hidden Brilliance

I am so lucky to be able to the job I do. 

I try to 'walk the school' every day mindful that the heartbeat of Fir Vale is not in my office, contained in a spreadsheet or embedded in a 8 page action plan.  The pulse is in the classrooms and the corridors.  I visited many places in our school this week and two classrooms in particular left me stunned: the learning taking place was brilliant, felt exciting and the sense of enquiry and fun was palpable.  Both teachers are experienced and know their stuff but what impressed me most was their optimism, their positivity and their sense of enjoyment.  The pupils reflected back what each colleague was projecting.  Everyone was engaged, curious and learning.  I feel lucky and proud these colleagues teach at Fir Vale but if I hadn't dropped in, this brilliance would have been a little hidden, from me anyway.

The message for me as your Headteacher is this: whenever I can I need to look, see and feel what is going on and see and acknowledge the brilliance.  I will check if the two colleagues concerned recognise themselves from this blog.  I suspect given their humility they probably won't but I'll need to make sure they know what I saw; their brilliance will not be hidden from them.

Have a great week Fir Vale.