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Admission Arrangements


The Governors of Fir Vale School have taken the decision not to pursue the proposed admissions policy for September 2015.  The existing local authority admissions policy will continue to apply for parents and students.

The decision not to proceed beyond the consultation process follows a commitment by the local authority to review admissions across the whole city. 

The proposed changes had been a response to the problem of oversubscription to the school.  Fir Vale’s success over the past decade and its record exam results last summer combined with an unexpected rise in the local population has led to brothers and sisters of existing students failing to secure a place.  Concerns were also expressed about the fairness of admissions by our family of primary schools where students have repeatedly failed to gain a place.

Governors and the Headteacher wish to thank all those people who took part in the consultation, for and against. 

Admissions Criteria and Admission numbers

Each school has approved admissions criteria which is used to prioritise applications in the event of the school being over-subscribed. This is where more applications are received than there are places available in the year group.

The Admission Authority for each school is responsible for proposing and consulting on lawful admissions criteria each year. The criteria must then be approved by Cabinet.

For Community Schools we are the Admissions Authority. For Church, Trust and Foundation schools, the Governing Body is the Admissions Authority. This is also the case the for Academies.

Admission Authorities may choose to operate different admissions criteria as long as they are clear, fair, objective and lawful.

The admissions criteria used for schools in Sheffield are as follows;

  • Community and Voluntary Controlled Schools

  • Church Schools (Voluntary Aided)

  • Foundation Schools

  • Trust Schools

  • Academies

Our Prioritisation

  1. Looked after children (children in public care)
  2. Catchment area and Sibling attending the school on 1 September 2012 (including attendance at the linked Junior School)
  3. Catchment area
  4. Sibling (not catchment)
  5. Feeder School
  6. Other applications

The tie-breaker within each category is straight line distance from home to school.

On March 2012, the Cabinet approved the Admission Arrangements for Sheffield Community Schools, Voluntary Controlled Schools and Academies, including Sixth Form arrangements. Details of arrangements are documented below.

The downloadable documents below provide the following information

  • An introduction to the people and departments who administer our admission policy

  • Guidance on what you must do and when (your responsibilities)

  • Guidance on how to carry out your responsibilities

  • Guidance on what we will do and when

  • Guidance on where to find help

Secondary School Admissions Guide for Parents - 2016/17

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