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Registers are taken  at 8.45am in the morning and throughout the day during each lesson.

Get into good habits now; they will help throughout your life. Arrive at school on time and move quickly between lessons.

Parents/carers should telephone the school with a reason for absence as early as possible on the first day. Please note that 'going shopping' is not a valid reason for absence.  Written notes upon return should be passed to the Attendance Officer. Parents/carers are reminded that they have a legal obligation to send their child to school.

Students with attendance of less than 90% and/or unauthorised absences will be considered for referral to the Attendance & Inclusion Service for further investigation.

Missing school or being late will mean you miss valuable work that may be quickly written up but not easily understood. Late arrivals disturb lessons for others.  Persistent lateness will be punished by detention and could lead to referral.

The school will reward students who have good punctuality and attendance records.


Parents/carers are expected to make all non-urgent medical appointments for their children out of school hours. Students attending medical appointments must provide either an appointment card or a note from their parent/carer. Students should obtain a signature from a member of SLT or a Student Support Officer and come to the office at the relevant time to be signed out of school.

Authorised absence from school during term time

As you may be aware from recent coverage in the media, from September 2013 the guidance for schools regarding the authorising of absences is much more rigorous and stricter guidelines have been put in place.  The reason for this is that any time missed in education has a significant impact on your child’s progress and achievement.

According to the Department of Education, parents/carers who take students on leave in term-time without permission are at risk of a penalty notice fine.
In addition, following the new government legislation, a child could also risk losing their place at Fir Vale School which presently has long waiting lists for each year group.

If there are emergency circumstances where you feel you need to take your child out of school during term-time please contact us for further advice BEFORE making any arrangements.

If you need help to understand this very important document please contact the school on 0114 2439391

Keep kids safe

Failure to contact school will result in a text message/voicemail/email being sent via the 'Keep Kids Safe' school computerised system. Parents/carers are expected to respond promptly to these messages. The system is also used to notify parents/carers of punctuality issues and special events etc. .


School Attendance Matters 100%