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School Outcomes 2016

School accountability measures have now changed.  The school was measured on the % of students achieving 5 A* - C grades including English and Maths. The school was also accountable for the % of students who made 3 Levels of Progress in English and Maths from the KS2 SATs Level.

The new accountability measures are:

- Progress across 8 qualifications (floor target is -0.5 and above)

- Attainment across the same 8 qualifications

- % of pupils who achieve a good pass in English and Maths (2015 Grade C & above/2016 onwards Grade 5 & above)

- % of pupils entering & achieving the English Baccalaureate

- % of pupils who stay in Education, Employment or Training after Key Stage 4


Our Year 11 cohort started with an average fine points score at KS2 of 24.8 (significantly below national); 87% of these students falling into the middle and lower attainment bands. The national figure for these two band 68.7%; 18.3% lower than the cohort.  Mobility was high with 18 in year admissions in KS4.

The school is in the top 20% of the country for FSM, SEN, first language not English, and has a school deprivation indicator of 0.34 compared to 0.2 Nationally.

However, we are extremely proud of our students, staff, parents and community in contributing towards Fir Vale’s Outcomes 2016.

Outcomes 2016


Progress 8


(above floor target of -0.5)

Attainment 8


% of pupils achieving a good grade in English and Maths


% of pupils entering the English Baccalaureate


% of pupils achieving the English Baccalaureate


% of pupils who stay in Education, Employment or Training after Key Stage 4



Highlights of Class of 2016 achievements included:

  • Fir Vale School former Head Boy Aqeel Hussain achieved one of the best set of exam results in the school’s history and one of the top performances across the city of Sheffield with an amazing 13 A* or A grades.
  • Excellent Science results with Core Science again beating national results and Additional & Further Additional achieving 82% & 92% respectively.
  • Massive success in Arabic GCSE with nearly half the students notching up an A or A* top grade.
  • French achieved an excellent 75% and History students scored an impressive 71.4% A* to C grades.
  • Fir Vale students move on to the next level of education with superb IT skills – the European Computer Driving Licence qualification was passed by 100% of students who entered, and 88% of those successes were at the top grades of A* and A. This is in addition to 62% achieving A*-C in the more difficult Computer Science qualification.
  • Maths results were as expected however our English results were down on last summer, which is reflected in falls across the country, largely as a result of the new system of re-takes for 17yr olds.
  • Our SEND & Lower Achievers did extremely well yet again narrowing the gap and beating national results
  • Our High Achieves performed exceptionally well making excellent progress across the board

We wish our Y11 students every success in their onward destinations.