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Examination Information for Students

Do NOT go to registration unless told to do so, registers will be taken in the exam hall.

* Exams begin at 9.00am and 2pm prompt.

* Arrive in school at least 15 minutes before the exam is due to start. Make your way to the exam hall as indicated on your timetable (either main school hall or sports hall).

* You should visit the toilet before the exam starts to avoid disruption to your exam time.

* Candidates may not be allowed into the exam if they are late. Not knowing where to go is not an acceptable excuse – be prepared.

* Check exam notice-boards located on the humanities link corridor for seating plans, changes or other information. Leave yourself plenty of time to do this.

* Always wear full school uniform, including shoes, not trainers. You will not be allowed into the exam hall if you are wearing incorrect uniform.

* It is your responsibility to bring any necessary equipment such as BLACK pens, pencils, rulers, calculators etc., check with your subject teachers for a list of what you will need.

* Pens, pencils etc. Must be in a transparent pencil case or clear plastic bag.

* When you enter the exam hall listen very carefully to any instruction given by the invigilators, if you have any questions or if you need anything please raise your hand; and invigilator will come to you. Students must not wander up and down the aisles or walk across the back of seats.

* Electronic devices such as Mobile phones, iPods, smart watches etc. are not permitted in the exam room, failure to abide with this may lead to expulsion from the exam, if you have an electronic device with you please switch it off and hand it to an invigilator at the start of the exam for safe keeping or leave it in your bag. Any use of mobile phones during the exam will be taken extremely seriously.

* Know your candidate number, this will be on your timetable and on your desk. The Centre Number is 36568.

* No food or drinks are permitted, except clear bottles of water with the label removed.

* If you are ill or unable to attend an exam, please telephone the school before 8.30am.

* You must not talk to, attempt to communicate with or disturb other candidates once in the exam hall.

The rules are set by the Joint Council for Qualifications, the school is duty bound to report any rule breaking to the Examining Body for GCSE Exams. The Examining Bodies may then see fit to not mark the paper of a student found to be breaking the rules, as will the school for internal exams.


Joint Council for Qualification Guides to Examinations

Information for candidates - Controlled Assessment

Information for candidates - Written Examination

Warning to candidates

Mobile Phone warning

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