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Made in Sheffield Cutler’s Ambassador Programme

The programme operates with a small number of students in each school. Students have to apply and go through a formal selection process to become an Ambassador and participate in a sector programme.

Each sector programme includes a variety of high quality training:

  • Team Building day
  • Skills Matter day
  • Employer Visits
  • World of Work
  • Work Experience

Ambassadors have regular feedback and reviews and are awarded a Skills Passport to recognise their achievements.

In return, Ambassadors are expected to:

  • Represent their school and their business sector
  • Share what they learn about the world of work and the business sector with other students in the school.

Ambassadors have an opportunity to speak to a range of audiences, support the delivery of the programme and contribute their views to help shape and develop the programme for other young people.

Made In Sheffield NHS Strand

Zobia Abid 
Nashwa Al-Abady SHEAF
Dunia Dayel 
Samira Gulzar 
Abddul Kadeer Shoukat
Mabondo Kamba 
Hamza Khan 
Mohammed Khan 
Suhayb Khan 
Abdulla Maddi 
Moheeb Minhas 
Dalia Nasr 
Habib Rafiq 
Waqas Subkhan 
Ikrah Akhtar
Muhammed Murtaza Asif
Talha Aulaqi
Hamid Din
Kamar Gubran
Chloe Haine
Megan Warsop
Akhsa Jamil
Arouba Khan
Mohammed   Khan
Aliya   Mohammed
Muqeet Qureshi
Aminah Nisa Ilyas
Aaron Yanbak

Made In Sheffield Construction Strand

17 Y9 students applied to be our new Ambassadors in the 'Made in Sheffield Construction & Built Environment' programme. Companies from the various industries came into school to work with the students in an activity building a free standing structure using spaghetti and marshmallows followed by a short interview.

It was previously agreed that only 12 places would be available and because all the students who applied showed high potential the judges decided to enrol all the 17 applicants. 

Miss Whyte, KS4 Student Support Office - KS4 / Made is Sheffield Project Leader said, "the construction companies commented how well behaved the students were and what a credit they are to the school.

Student Ambassadors are:

Made in Sheffield Ambassadors - Construction Strand

Amina Aideed RIVELIN AKH
Ikram Amjad SHEAF FKH
Muhammad Asad OWLER GWI
Arafat Choudhury RIVELIN CWO
Fehzaan Gulfaraz PORTER TRA
Muhammad Shameyl Haikal OWLER RAL
Adil Hussain OWLER TJA
Ameena Hussain OWLER RKE
Hadiyah Hussain OWLER RKE
Hamza Hussain RIVELIN MKE
Mohammed Khadar Hashi OWLER RAL
Danial Khan PORTER TRA
Kalsoom Khan SHEAF JWN
Rafiah Nawaz RIVELIN MKE
Humairaa Parveen RIVELIN AKH

Follow this link to the Made in Sheffield Ambassadors programme.

Sheffield City Council, BAM, Keepmoat, Kier, Sheffield Housing Company, Go Construct and Henry Boot have joined in partnership with Fir Vale School to offer a fantastic opportunity for young people to develop the skills, character and industry knowledge required for the world of work in the 21st century. Pioneered by the Cutlers’ Company, the Made in Sheffield Ambassador programme is already developing the future innovators and entrepreneurs who will contribute to a thriving UK economy in the years ahead.

The Made In Sheffield Launch took place on 15th October 2015 where all participating students took part in various after school activities including constructing a giant tetrahedron out of wooden canes and elastic bands all taking on a role similar to those of a live construction site such as Project Manager, Site Manager, Quality Assurance and General Foremen.

The parents of the students were also invited to the evening in order to ask questions and get a real feel for the great opportunity their children are taking part in. The students were each presented with full PPE equipment ready for their up and coming site visits.

“We see the Made in Sheffield programme as an excellent way of introducing young people into the world of work, to experience the varied careers that the Construction Industry can offer and provide them with information so that they can make informed decisions regarding their future career paths.”

Adeana Raper, Employment and Skills Manager, Henry Boot Construction

It was great success and wonderful to see so many parents in attendance, parents also commenting on the fantastic opportunities for their children to learn new skills.

On 12th November the MIS Construction Ambassadors spent time in the morning at Keepmoat’s Wath offices.  Here they met directors, managers and employees such as draughtsmen, designers and planners to find out why they chose careers in construction and the opportunities on offer.

In the afternoon the Ambassadors, went to Cutler’s View at Norfolk Park to see how new homes are being built for local people by Sheffield Housing Company (SHC).

Under the watchful eye of Site Manager, Karl Shaw and Safety Advisor, Caroline Haslam, the students got the opportunity to try their hands at bricklaying.

February 2016

Fifteen Y9 Ambassadors are on the MIS Construction strand visiting Keepmoat, Stocksbridge (Henry Boot) and Grave Leisure Centre with BAM.

The students had the opportunity to have a site tour looking at different developments from new build homes, to retail shops and a leisure centre.

Students took part in a quiz based all about BAM. Two lucky students Muhammed Shameyl and Omar Adem won £15 work of Love to Shop vouchers.

MIS construction