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Student Voice

At Fir Vale School, we believe strongly in the opportunity for all students to have their say in the running of the school.  The students often know best how to make the improvements that need to be made.

There are a variety of ways for students to be involved in setting the direction for the school and being involved in making the school better for all who work and study here.

House Councils

We have a house council system, which includes 5 houses: Loxley; Porter; Owler; Rivelin and Loxley.  There are elections to the councils every year.  Each of the eight tutor groups has a representative and the councils meet termly to set their agenda and to evaluate the success of earlier decisions.  The agendas of each house are set by the students and the actions are taken and reviewed by the students.  ‘We did that’ is the slogan that all the house councils strive to achieve, with a focus on actions and making the school better.  Current areas that the school house councils are working on include Environment, Teaching & Learning, CBE Days, The Dining Experience and Rewards.

House competitions are an important part of the house system.  All our students take pride in the house system and want to contribute to the success of their house. At the end of the year, the house with the most points have the opportunitity to visit Drayton Manor.

The Executive Council

Fir Vale operates a prefect system in Year 11, with a Head Boy and Head Girl.  These positions are always oversubscribed with a very high calibre of student. 
The Head Boy and Head Girl positions are voted for by all staff and students.  The students who apply for the position of Head Boy and Head Girl, but aren’t successful become the school's prefects.  These positions are very prestigious and sort after.  The Executive Council meets with the Headteacher every term to discuss issues that the prefects put forward.  The focus is on making the school better for all who work and study here.

 Lord Mayor at FV Celebrations

 Headboy and Headgirl 2015/16

Student Voice Committees

Some students have an interest in a particular project or area.  If they can get a group of like-minded students together, they can form a student voice group.  Currently there are a number of these groups in school.  Two groups stand out:

  • The ICT group, who are looking at ways to improve the use of ICT around the school.
  • The ECO group who are looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint and save the school money and the teaching and learning group, who are looking at ways to make all lessons outstanding. These groups have a very high profile and speak to the people who matter, both in school and outside of school.