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Supporting Anti-Litter

Students respond to the amount of litter in and around the streets of Fir Vale.

The Student Voice group thought it was the final straw when an article in the Sheffield Star highlighted that 50% of the worst streets for litter were in and around Fir Vale.

The students along with Dr Rehman, an Associate Headteacher at the school, engaged in meetings with the Council’s "Love where you live” campaign to see what could be done and came up with some great ideas. These included educating the community and role modelling as a catalyst to prevent litter problems in the future. Assemblies in school to raise awareness and a Y7 anti-litter picking day were organised. Working alongside the Council litter campaigners they picked up a vast amount of rubbish off the streets around Fir Vale with a very positive and engaging outlook.

Two Fir Vale students, Omar and Ghaith commented, “More money could be saved to help hospitals and schools in Sheffield if we did not have to spend it picking up litter. Since the event the school has had several positive calls from the community to applaud and encourage the anti-litter campaign. Thanks to all parties involved and we hope to work together in the future to continue our fight against littering across Fir Vale and Sheffield.