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University of Sheffield's Mentoring Programme

Special recognition was given to young people across the city on an evening of celebrations hosted by the University of Sheffield’s Mentoring Programme.

University of Sheffield students came into Fir Vale throughout the year to work with our Y9 students helping them to prepare them for their GCSE courses which are about to begin in KS4.

Fir Vale students have also visited the university to find out what courses are available and it helps them to chose appropriate courses and qualifications that would be appropriate when they progress to further education.

All 40 Y9’s who took part in the programme received a certificate of excellence and 6 students were recognised for commitment to the programme, greater confidence, improved study skills and the ability to communicate effectively.

Mr Dawkins – Programme Co-ordinator said, “The impact of the programme has raised awareness for our Y9 students who have the academic ability but did not think university was for them.  They have now realised that this opportunity is within reach.  The students are now more aspirational about their longer term career pathways.”